Perinatal Bereavement Documentaries
Always With Me: Understanding Bereaved Children whose Baby Sibling Died
Always With Me explores children’s bereavement. The research questions guiding this film were: What is the experience of children who grieve, mourn, and live with the loss and continuing presence of an infant sibling in the context of their home and school life? and What positive grief outcomes result when a child has a continuing bond with a deceased infant sibling? In this film the children share their ongoing relationships with their baby siblings and provide messages to other children about what might help them.

Always With Me can be purchased in two versions: the full version (54 minutes) or a short version ideal for teaching (31 minutes).

Funded by: Social Sciences and Humanities Council of Canada

Research Team: Christine Jonas-Simpson, RN, PhD, Rose Steele, RN, PhD, Leeat Granek, PhD, Betty Davies, RN, PhD, and Joann O'Leary, PhD

Cost: $19.99 + shipping (long) and $17.99 + shipping (short)​​​

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Always with me